Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tortilla Roll-ups

Tortillas keep for a very long time so I always have some on hand.  If we were to ever run out, I know how to make my own and I have the ingredients as part of my meal plan.  I'll do a blog post on making tortillas another time.  Today I want to share a quick and easy storable snack idea.  

Cream cheese is another ingredient that will store at least 3 months in the refrigerator.  I buy enough when I see them for $.98 each to get me through at least 3 months.  

Spread a little cream cheese on a tortilla.  The kids love the strawberry cream cheese.  Sometimes I add rehydrated onions or green peppers to some softened regular cream cheese before spreading it, but plain cream cheese is great also.  We also like to add slices of lunch meat and cheese before rolling for a fun, different sandwich for a picnic or school lunch.  There are lots of options.

Roll up the tortilla.

Slice in 1-inch pieces.

Dip the plain or onion cream cheese rolls in salsa for an extra tasty treat.

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