Monday, January 31, 2011

French Fries

We had someone give us 150 lbs of potatoes in early November so we have been using them a lot this winter.  They store very well in the garage here in Idaho.  We just put them in boxes to keep them away from the sunlight.  It is now the end of January.  That means we have successfully stored them for 3 months.  Fresh potatoes can easily be part of your 3 month food storage meal plan.

When making fries, we choose to leave the skins on so we get all the added nutrition the skins offer.

Scrub potatoes

Slice into desired size

Drizzle in a little oil - about 1/4 cup for 6-7 potatoes

Sprinkle in a little seasoned salt or just salt and pepper and mix well

Spread out on baking sheet.  
Bake at 425° F for 15–20 minutes or until potatoes are done and as crispy as you like.  Stir after the first 10 minutes to prevent sticking.  Enjoy1

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