Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stock-up Prices To Watch For

One of the best ways to save money on your grocery bill is to track the prices of items in your area that you purchase or use on a regular basis.  I have been doing this since I got married.  Before that, my mom was tracking them and she shared her good deal prices with me initially.  When I see an item hit my stock-up price I purchase enough to get me through 6 months to a year. (Because I have my meal plan put together, I know just how much of these items I need for a year.)  I then wait to purchase that item again until it hits this low price.

Grocery prices vary so much with your location.  Those of you lucky enough to live in the Boise Area, I will share my current list here in a moment.  Those of you outside of the Boise area can create a list of your own using mine as a guide.  By shopping this way, we spend less than half of what the average American family spends on groceries and you need to remember that our family of 7 is much larger than the average family.  Saving money on your grocery bill is the fastest way to find extra savings that you can use to fill your emergency fund.

Stock-Up Prices to Watch For

Cream of chicken or mushroom soup             $ .50 (sometimes it goes to $ .33)
Tomato soup                                                   less than $ .50 (sometimes it goes to $ .33)
Olives                                                              $ .99 (sometimes it goes to $ .79)
Tuna                                                                $ .45 (sometimes it goes to $ .33)
Canned vegetables                                          $ .50 (sometimes it goes to $ .33)
Pineapple - 20 oz.                                            $ .79
Mandarin Oranges – 11oz.                              $ .45
Canned beans (kidney, navy, etc,)                  $ .50
Refried beans                                                  $ .50
Diced Green Chilies - 4 oz.                             $ .56
Diced tomatoes - 15 oz.                                  $ .50 (sometimes it goes to $ .33)
Tomato sauce -8 oz.                                        $ .25
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce                                    $.79
Pork chops, bone-in                                        $1.58/pound
Boneless, skinless chicken breast                    $1.78/pound (sometimes it goes to $1.49)
Pork spare ribs                                                 $ .99/pound
Pork roast                                                        $ .99/pound
Beef Roast                                                      $1.99/pound
Ham                                                                $ .99/pound
Extra lean hamburger                                      $1.99/pound
Sausage                                                           $1.99/pound
Cheese                                                             $2.00/pound
Cream Cheese -8oz.                                        $ .98
Flour                                                                $7.00/25 pounds
Sugar                                                               $11.00/25 pounds
Powdered Sugar                                             $ .50/pound
Brown Sugar                                                   $. 50/pound
Cold cereal                                                      $ .10/ounce
Chips                                                               $ .10/ounce
Crackers                                                          $ .13/ounce
Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper                   $1.00/box
Pasta                                                                $ .75/pound
Macaroni and Cheese                                      $ .42/box
Peanut Butter                                                  $ .08/ounce
Kraft BBQ Sauce                                           $.79/bottle
Salad Dressings - 16 oz.                                  $1.00

Because these items store for quite some time, I never buy them until I see them for this price.  Learn to change your buying habits and stock up with 3-6 months' worth or more when you find these prices.

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