Saturday, February 5, 2011


This kept me fed during the Blizzard of '96 as it came to be known on the East Coast.  I was serving as a missionary in the Washington, D.C. area when we were buried under 6 feet of drifting snow.  We lived in a basement apartment and the stairwell was completely filled with snow.  Conveniently, the snow shovel was kept in the garage outside.  We ended up having to use a cookie sheet and a large bowl to carry snow to the bathtub and melt it down the drain to create a path so we could get out.  What an adventure!

My companion and I had been transferred to the area just a couple of days before the snow came and we hadn't gone grocery shopping yet.  We were just finishing what we had brought from our previous areas.  Thankfully, some good members thought of us and called to check in on us.  I'm sure they acted in response to our own mother's prayers.  Anyway, there was one family in the ward with a 4 wheel drive who was willing to brave the roads.  They stopped by another member's home and picked up a couple of loaves of homemade bread and a can of powdered milk.  They also cooked us a big pot of curry and rice.  They delivered this food to us and we were so very thankful.  (Even missionaries need food storage!)  I had never eaten curry before, but my companion who was from Japan, said it was convenience food over there and something they ate often.  She was thankful for a taste of home.  We ate that pot over the course of the week since it took 6 days for the snow plows to dig us all out.  We loved it!

Now whenever I make this, it gives me a chance to relive this adventure and tell the story to my children.  Food, smells, and tastes can hold so many memories.

Carrots and potatoes store very well in the garage here in Idaho in the winter months.  You can very safely plan them into your 3 month meal plan.  You can also use dehydrated vegetables in this dish.  We like it full of veggies and light on the chicken, but you do it how you want.  Serve it over a bowl of cooked rice.

Chop potatoes, celery, and carrots or use dehydrated veggies.  I added a handful of dry onions.

Check for the packages of Golden Curry in the Asian isle of your local grocery store.

Add precooked chicken or turkey.  I used a mix and just pulled them from the freezer.

The curry packet had two chunks of seasoning.  We like a little more mild flavor so we only use packet.

Cover your vegetables with 6 cups of water and simmer until tender.  Drop the curry in and allow to melt into the stew.  Stir until thickened.  Serve over cooked rice.

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