Friday, March 18, 2011

Sausage Gravy

Sausage gravy has two main ingredients - White Sauce Mix and Sausage - so easy!

Use frozen sausage you have precooked to speed up prep time.

Mix 1 scant cup (that means not quite full) of White Sauce Mix with 3 cups of hot tap water. Use a whisk to get all the lumps out.

Cook or heat your sausage in the frying pan. Add the white sauce mixture to the frying pan and heat until thick. Stir constantly with a spatula so the milk does not scorch. Add some pepper if desired.

Enjoy over fresh baked biscuits - Yum!


  1. Yeah!! I made my first batch of White Sauce mix last night AND my first "dinner experiment" with this sausage gravy and biscuits - they were great!! I've always been afraid of gravy - always lumpy or never sets up - but this worked out so well and tasted great. I still have to convince my kids that it's good, but at this point in my pregnancy, if I like it, it's a keeper :-) Thanks Tammy!

  2. Hooray! We have some kids who eat the biscuits with gravy and others who eat jam on a biscuit and gravy on the side. It's all good.