Monday, March 14, 2011

Additional Blog Started

I have started an additional blog to focus solely on food storage. The URL is After making the decision to not do any marketing on this blog, I received a good number of responses that helped me know that many of you want to see my book made available here. It really is meant to be a great resource that you can have in your kitchen drawer or cupboard to refer to often as you prepare your family. I also felt a desire from many of you to have me share sources for items I stock up on and good emergency preparedness items. With this in mind, I think the best thing to do is write 2 blogs.

This blog will cover all areas of provident living and continue to share insights that will help you do a little at a time. My other blog will focus on supporting you through building a food storage meal plan that will be customized to your family's needs. I have started just posting breakfast ideas for now. I will follow up with lunch, dinner and snack ideas a little at a time. Some of the content will be repeated on both blogs but I will also share new things both places so you may just want to get in the habit of checking both sites.

Please feel free to check out this new blog and share the link with family and friends who may be interested. My underlying desire has always been to help families learn how to help themselves. I know that these blogs and my book can do just that in a way that will not feel too overwhelming or daunting. I am also hoping that more of you will begin sharing ideas or recipes with everyone through the comment section of both blogs so we can all support each other in this great endeavor.

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