Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot Cereal

Hot cereal is inexpensive and easy to store. You can often buy it in bulk and then you can dry pack it in cans from the LDS cannery with the oxygen packs if you want to. We actually store oatmeal that way, but these other varieties I have just picked up at the grocery store. They store for 3+ years in their original packaging so I haven't worried about dry packing them. It also helps me feel I can have a variety of different kinds.

My kids actually request hot cereal on cold mornings. Some like to add brown sugar and others add white sugar once I put some in their bowls. Then we pour a little milk on it to make it creamy. Breakfast is done in about the time it takes to boil water.

As you think about breakfasts for your food storage meal plan, hot cereal is a great option! It does not cost very much per serving and it doesn't take much space to store. Try a few kinds and figure out which ones your family likes before stocking up on them. Also store some sugar and powdered milk to serve with it.

If you are trying to find money in your budget to purchase food storage, shift to eating hot cereal for a few weeks and spend the money you save on other food storage items.

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