Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Reviews

I thought I would share some of the kind words people have sent me since reading a copy of my new book. I am so grateful to learn it is encouraging others to prepare just a little more and actually use that food storage they have been storing for so long. I do have just a few copies left here at my home just send me a quick email if you would like one. Otherwise, it is available on for anyone else who may be reading this from somewhere other than the Boise area.

From Carina -

Yeah!! I made my first batch of White Sauce mix last night AND my first "dinner experiment" with this sausage gravy and biscuits - they were great!! I've always been afraid of gravy - always lumpy or never sets up - but this worked out so well and tasted great. I still have to convince my kids that it's good, but at this point in my pregnancy, if I like it, it's a keeper :-) Thanks Tammy!

From Steph - 

I received your book yesterday afternoon and I have already read through the entire book.  It is wonderful!!!  I think I mentioned to you I joined the church when I was 18 and not having grown up with food storage or emergency preparedness it can seem overwhelming at times.
You put things in a very simple and straightforward manner.  I feel like I am able to accomplish the necessary steps for my family without feeling overwhelmed.  Thank you so much for the effort you put into this book. 
I love the recipes!!!  I am so anxious to try the recipes.   This will sound silly but the cannery has always been a bit intimidating to me.  I have never been and the way it works has never been fully explained to me.  I seem to get confused on if I can just go purchase already packed items or if I need to work for a couple of hours before purchasing items.  I now know I just need to dig in and find out! 
You should see my book!  I have different colored tabs all over the book now for reference!  I already warned my husband that we are going to get even more prepared!  I have been working on our food storage and water storage for the last several years, but the food storage is still meager.  The ideas you gave have helped me jump start my own program for my family.  I am really excited to go forward and get my family more prepared!

From Claire - 

I dropped by your house and your kind husband gave me a copy of the book.  I immediately made a white sauce mix with some powdered milk I've had for 15 years.  I added cheese and other ingredients and we had your nachoes for dinner.  The kids loved them.  So glad you wrote this book.  Thanks!

From Gwen - 

I'm LOVING it! Thanks for writing this book!  In fact, I just picked up some freeze-dried fruits today so I can see what ones my family likes, and start trying to reconstitute them in my cooking... oh, and Pamela and I made a batch of rainbow dehydrated apples today... so yum! Thank you so much for the jello idea... I have always stored lots of jello because it's a great substitute for sugar in sugar cookies, and now I have one more use for it... Yay! You are awesome! I can't wait to get the garden planted next week.  I have so many wonderful plans for my dehydrator this fall!

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  1. Tammy, I would love to get a copy of your book. I am not sure what your email is or where you live to pick one up. Email me at and let me know if you can save one for me and the other info. Also, I have been freezing pudding for popcicles for my kids using powdered milk. My kids LOVE them. We have experimented with strawberry and coconut cream and have plans for chocolate, butterscotch, and cheesecake! Thanks for this great idea in your previous blog.
    - Sharese