Monday, March 7, 2011

Report For Duty

It's Money Monday here on the blog when I try to share a little something about helping your dollar stretch or how to teach your kids, etc.

As a parent of younger children I am always looking for ideas to help teach my kids about money. This is a fun little game my mother-in-law played with the kids one time when she was here for a visit. The playroom was especially messy and I was on bed rest on the couch - fully out of ideas on how to motivate the kids from a distance. I noticed how much fun they were having and thought to myself, "This is something you should do more often with them even after Grandma goes home." It has evolved a little over the last five or so years since we've been playing it. I hope it adds something to your bag of tricks to break up the monotony a little.

How to Play "Report for Duty" - Have the kids stand at attention and salute you while saying, "Reporting for duty." At this point, assign each kid to do something different such as pick up all the toys that have yellow on them, pick up all the books, put away your clean laundry, etc. Be sure they count how many items they put away. Each time they finish the task, they report back and you pay them a penny for each item. This game works especially well with young children. After playing, I always pull out a few snack items and assign an amount to each one. They can then use their pennies to buy their snack of choice from Mom's store. 

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