Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lessons from Japan

Watching all the news reports about Japan this week, I couldn't help but ask myself, "Would we be ready?"

I don't think there is any amount of preparation that would make you feel ready for the huge tsunami that wiped out entire cities. Any food storage or preparations would be washed away for sure. If something like that were to happen and we were to survive, we would be relying on others for help. I can't help but think we would see miracles as people stepped up to help us. Heavenly Father always blesses those who are obedient to counsel.

All the other families in Japan who still have their homes are facing other dilemmas at this point. They are facing shortages in gas, food, electricity, etc. It is for these families that advance preparation would have been very helpful. The families that took steps to have a 72-hour kit are ready to quickly evacuate if radiation levels require it. The families with food and fuel storage who live far from the nuclear plant can wait out the disaster in the safety of their own homes. The families who had talked through an emergency plan are able to peacefully act and carry out their plan.

I'm sure more lessons will come out of Japan in the next few weeks and months. As for me, I  am taking this as a reminder to go through my 72-hour kit and get it updated. I also want to inventory the food and fuel we have on hand and make sure we have the amounts we will need.

I may never be in a situation like those in Japan, but if I ever am, I want to be one of the families with a plan. Most importantly, I want to be one of the families that can pray to Heavenly Father knowing we have kept his counsel so I can in all confidence ask for His help to pull us through.

I hope these thoughts can motivate you to create a plan for your own family.

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