Monday, May 16, 2011

Snack Mixes

Snack mixes are a great snack, but they can be spendy per ounce. The kids and I make up a bunch of baggies every few months using things we have at the house. They are then in the pantry for them to grab for school lunch or a snack when they need one. I also love to store some in the van for when the kids get hungry when we are out and about. They also work great to take on trips. I don't have to worry about the entire box of crackers being dumped out as they pass it around in the car.

Go through your pantry or food storage areas and pick some items that would go good together.

Here we have pretzels and gold fish, pretzels and M&Ms, and small bags of cereal. Popcorn works great as a filler in snack mixes. Dried fruit and nuts are another good option. Get them in the bulk section to save money. 

With summer vacation coming, fill your pantry now so you can be ready to grab a snack and go to the park or zoo at a moment's notice.

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