Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rotating Water Storage

It is recommended that you rotate your water storage once a year. This is something I wait to do until the kids can be involved. We store the bulk of our water in a 55 gallon blue drum. We also have a larger capacity water heater and a few gallons in gallon juice jugs for when we just need a little water.

After emptying the drum with a syphon hose, we rinse it out with fresh water. To do this we use the hose to fill it up just a bit and add a little bleach. 

At this point, the kids get to roll it around the backyard - their very favorite part of the night! We then empty it out by dumping.
Finally, we refill it using the hose. Because we are connected to city water at our house, it is not necessary to add any bleach. (I usually put in a couple of teaspoons just for good measure.) My kids filled it only partly before we moved it to the garage and stretched the hose to finish the process. The drum is too heavy to move once it is full! Now we are good to go for another year.

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