Friday, May 27, 2011

Breakfast Sandwiches

My husband leaves early enough for work each morning that he brings breakfast and lunch every day. This is one of his favorite grab and go meals. He even takes them for lunch some days.

Begin with 12-24 English Muffins. (Bagels work great also.) Start frying eggs. I can fit 8 in the bottom of my largest frying pan so I build the sandwiches in sets of 8. While the eggs are frying, cover muffins with slices of cheese.

Add a slice of Canadian Bacon or a precooked sausage pattie. Sometimes we skip this step and just do egg and cheese sandwiches.

Add the fried eggs.
Top with the other side of the muffin. Some English Muffins are more dry than others. If I have a dry batch, I spread one side with a little butter.

Allow sandwiches to cool so they don't steam up the plastic bag. The steam will just create extra ice when they are frozen and you don't want that. Wrap a napkin or piece of paper towel around the sandwiches and then package two to a bag. The paper towel with help absorb the extra moisture when you  thaw the sandwiches in the microwave. This will help keep your sandwiches from getting too soggy. 

My husband tells me his coworkers are jealous whenever he brings these in. I know my nephew who is in high school loves it when his mom stocks the freezer with these as well. Hopefully, you find them a quick and easy cost-cutting meal!

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  1. I love the idea of having these ready in the freezer! What a great summer breakfast idea for kids to be able to grab something easy, too.

    I just love gleaning ideas from you.