Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sinching in a Waistband

In our school district, the middle school kids are required to wear PE uniforms. We could either purchase plain black shorts from the school for $20 a pair or we could provide our own plain black shorts. I was able to find some black shorts on clearance for $3 a pair - quite a savings over buying the school option. The trick was that they didn't have a drawstring which meant they wouldn't stay up on my skinny kids! I had a plan though. I really didn't want to unpick all the stitching around the waistband so I just cut a piece of thin elastic about 4 inches shorter than my kid's waist measurement. (You want it long enough that it easily stretches to fit them, but short enough that is gives a snug enough fit around then middle.) Then I sewed it in place stretching the elastic to fit as I sewed around. 

It worked great! The shorts stay up and it didn't take long at all. I already had the elastic so it was a quick cost-saving fix. I'm glad I know this trick works since I can usually find the athletic shorts without the drawstring marked down to a much better price than the ones with the drawstring. I already bought a cute skirt for my daughter that I plan to sinch in the same way.

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