Monday, October 24, 2011

Money Saving Tips For Holiday Gifts

Tip #2 - Consider making some of your gifts this year. If you get an early start, you can put together some very thoughtful gifts with items you already have at home so the cost is very minimal. 

Here is a quick list to get you brainstorming. These can work for neighbors, co-workers, teachers, friends and even family.

- Homemade bread or rolls for their holiday table
- Homemade jam or pie filling
- Pancake or waffle mix 
          Here is an whole grain mix recipe
          Here is a pumpkin waffle mix recipe
- Family Home Evening Packets or preschool games- there are many ideas for these online. We got a few of these one year and it has been wonderful to just pull out a file and have the lesson and activity all laminated and ready to go! We have used them repeatedly over the years.
- Crochet or knit stockings or a scarf and hat set. Look online for a free pattern.
- Make a quiet book for children using fabric scraps
- Sew a set of bean bags for younger children
- Make pillowcases out of holiday or themed fabric they would love
- Put together a coupon book offering services that can redeemed later such as babysitting, house cleaning, a lunch date, etc.
- How about a family history gift? Write down some of your stories from growing up in story book format to share with your kids or grandkids. 

This list is meant to get you thinking. We always end up doing some homemade gifts every year. It gets me in the spirit of the holiday a little early as I work to put them together. It also helps to keep us within our holiday budget.

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