Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teaching the Next Generation

Self-reliance is a product of provident living and exercising economic self-discipline. From the beginning the Church has taught that families—to the extent they can—need to assume responsibility for their own temporal welfare. Each generation is required to learn anew the foundational principles of self-reliance: avoid debt, implement principles of thrift, prepare for times of distress, listen to and follow the words of the living oracles, develop the discipline to distinguish between needs and wants and then live accordingly.

Source: The Sanctifying Work of Welfare H. David Burton Sunday Morning Session April 2011 General Conference

This is a statement that stood out to me as I listened to the General Conference of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The idea that each generation must learn anew the principles of self-reliance is very important. It is important that your grandmother knew how to can her garden produce and that your parents figured out being content with what their salary could give them, but it is more important that you figure it out and teach your own children. These are lessons and skills that every generation must learn.

Find opportunities to teach these principles. Get your children involved in the kitchen as you learn to cook with storable items, plant a garden this year and give them all assignments, hold a family night on budgeting using Monopoly money so your kids gain a better understanding of just how much it takes for essentials, or create a family vacation budget and have the kids help plan the activities that will keep you within your budget.

These are a few simple ideas. It takes work as a parent to teach our children all they need to know but that is what we committed to when we became a parent. If these are skills you still need to learn before you can teach your kids, set some goals for yourself in this area. Make it fun and the kids will soon want to be learning at your side.

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