Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Nests

These are so simple and add fun to any Easter event!

Just make your traditional rice crispie treat recipe substituting cornflakes for the rice crispies. I used 3 Tbsp butter (you can use a dairy-free substitute), 16 oz. of marshmallows and 9 cups of cornflakes. I also added a little green food coloring for fun. You can easily leave it out and they still look like nests. How many of you have ever made rice crispie treats and had then turn out so hard that you couldn't even chew them? I'm sure we all have. The trick is patience. Don't melt the butter and marshmallows over too hot of a heat or when the mixture cools it will be like hard candy. Use low to medium heat and just be patient.

Spray your hands with oil so you won't stick too badly.

Once the mixture cools enough to handle, shape into nests and place in muffin tins to cool completely. This will help them keep their shape. I was able to get 24 nests out of this recipe. If the mixture in the pan cools too much while you are shaping the nests, put it back on the heat just long enough to get it unstuck from the pan.

Place egg-like candies or jelly beans into each nest. 

This is a great activity for kids of all ages to help with. Be careful - you'll have them all fighting over who gets to lick the wooden spoon.

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  1. This is coming in handy for the letter N this week!!