Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway!

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With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to offer a free book as a wonderful gift! If you have a copy for yourself already, I'm sure you can think of a special mother who would love to receive one as a gift. Full of tips and ideas to make life a lot easier for moms, my book is a perfect gift. So, if you are interested in a FREE copy, just leave a comment on this post. In your comment, please share a bit of provident advice that could help all of us. Do you have a trick that helps you stick to a budget? What is your favorite food storage item and why? How do you work food storage items into your daily cooking? What tip could help us all prepare just a little more for emergencies? I'm sure you can think of more than one item that would be appropriate to share.

To be entered into the drawing a second time - mention this giveaway on your Facebook page, Twitter or personal blog and then leave an additional comment telling me that you did so.

To be entered into the drawing a third time become a public follower of this blog and leave me yet another comment. (You could combine all your comments in one post if you'd like. Just be clear that you've done all three requirements so I know to enter your name 3 times in the drawing.)

For those of you who have already received a copy of my book, post a review on and I will enter you a fourth time into the drawing. (I know you know a spectacular mom who would love getting my book from you as a gift, or maybe you are like me and you'd love one copy for the kitchen drawer and one to stay clean and pristine on your bookshelf far away from dirty cooking fingerprints!)

At any rate, everyone can have lots of chances to win so start spreading the word!

A winner for the FREE book will be chosen at random on April 27th (This gives you a little more than a week to spread the word!) and then announced on this blog the next day. Pass the word on to family and friends so they can get in on the fun.


  1. I am glad that you are getting the word out about your book! I know I have loved my copy.

    So I am ready to enter your drawing.

    1- My tip: I love to take advantage of store sales when stocking up my food storage. I have been known to buy "a year's worth" of an item if it is on sale. Just recently cake mixes were on sale for $0.50 so I bought 32.

    2-I mentioned your book on my blog.
    3- I follow your blog with your link on my blog sidebar.
    4- I wrote an Amazon review.

  2. HI. I am borrowing a copy of your book. Trying to start from ground zero with food storage, I was recommended your book. It's awesome and perfect for the way i think/budget. I am trying to read it all in one day because she needs it back tonight! I would buy one but just read the section on finance. If I bought a book, I would be living above our means this month. We just got out of graduate school(so we are veery tight. )

    My provident living advice Bunny ears! (For Television) It's great.
    And save the tortilla bags to marinate meat. Saving on ziplocks. Other than that all my knowledge comes from your book.
    I would lOOOOVVe to win a copy!

  3. I am now a follower of your blog!

  4. I just love your book and your blog. So much good information. I have already told a lot of my family and friends about it.

    1-my tip-One thing when thinking about storage and being prepared is that I try to think of otherthings, not just food and water, but personal care items, laundry and dish soaps,etc. If I can't get to the store I still want to be able to shower and clean my clothes, and wash my dishes.
    2-I mentioned you book and you blog on my blog
    3-I am a follower
    4-I tried to leave a review of your book but because I didn't purchase it from amazon, it wouldn't let me post a review. Do you know how I can do that without having purchased the book?

    Thank you for all of your hard work, it is helping so many people.

  5. I also love this blog and have already told so many of my friends and family! I think you are so great Tammy and admire you and your family so much for all that you've accomplished and how organized you are :)

    1) I became a follower, 2) I blogged about your book/website 3)my tip: to stretch yummier cereals w/ less yummy ones, I combine them. For instance, multi grain cherios and kix, cocoa puffs and kix, rice krispies and pretty much any other cereal.

    my other tip is to freeze tortilla chips after the bag is open, they stay fresh for much longer!

  6. I ate the graham crackers from your book at a Relief Society activity. I was able to take some home to the family and they were gone in a couple of minutes. I love the idea of using them as a substitute for sugar cookies.

    I think one tip is to use the food that you store. If you store wheat, make sure you know how to grind it.

    Your book looks like a great resource. I hope I win!

  7. I posted it on my blog. It is a private blog, but it is there!

  8. I am Tiffani's sister-n-law. I am really excited to learn more about food storage. I have been obedient and have stored a lot of food- now is the time to really start rotating and using it.

    I don't have a lot of advice...but one thing that helps is having a stack of favorite recipes that use food storage- you will learn real quick what to store and what not to store.

  9. I'm so glad I found your blog...great ideas.

    My tip to stick to a budget...we are now all cash and write down where you spend your money. Know where the money is going before it is spent.

  10. My tip-
    Make a menu. Making a menu helps me avoid the 5 o'clock dinner rush, and the impulse to grab take-out. I also do my grocery shopping from my menu, buy things as they go on sale, and build my food storage to the point that I can "shop" from my cupboards. Making a menu has definitely been my biggest help.

    2)I posted on Facebook
    3)I am a follower
    4)I posted a review on Amazon. :-)

    Yay! I hope I win. :-)