Friday, April 8, 2011

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Easter time gets us all thinking a little about eggs. Egg salad sandwiches are a high-protein, inexpensive meal. According to the latest studies by the FDA eggs stay fresh in the fridge for 10 weeks. This means that you can change your buying habits and keep more eggs on hand as part of your 3-month supply.

To make egg salad, peel and wash hard boiled eggs. I've learned that using a pie cutter chops them so fast.

Add a little mayo or salad dressing (I realize there are divided opinions on which one tastes best. Some families may even need to make two bowls with one of each to keep the peace.) I also add a little onion and garlic powder and then salt and pepper to taste. This time of year my chives are up again so I'll snip a few and add them in place of the onion powder. It's all good.
Spread the egg salad mixture on homemade wheat bread for a hearty quick and easy lunch. You can use store bought bread if that's what you have. I've even made these for brunch before and cut them in cute little triangles before arranging them on a fancy platter. Fancy doesn't have to be expensive.

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