Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kid's Craft: Painted Snowman T-shirt

With the kids home for the holiday, I am trying to come up with things that are fun for them to do. Painted T-shirts are a fun and quite in-expensive project. I already have quite a few colors of acrylic paint that we have collected over the years. I also have a stash of white t-shirts. I watch for them to be on sale and snatch them up to have on hand for projects like this or tye-dying or whatever else we come up with to do.

The painted snowman t-shirt was quick and easy for even my younger kids to help with. It takes 2 colors - orange and black. Begin my sliding a piece of paper or cardboard into the shirt so your paint doesn't bleed through to the back. I hand drew the outline for the carrot nose and my son just filled it in with a paint brush. For the eyes and mouth, I used the paint bottle as a "stamp." We dipped the bottom of the paint bottle in the black paint and then stamped it on the shirt to form each eye. We used the lid of the paint jar to be the smaller circle "stamp" we needed for the mouth. Then my son just filled in the black paint with a brush where needed. We wiped the paint jar clean with a paper towel and allowed the t-shirt to dry overnight.

It is the favorite new shirt around here! The kids have taken turns wearing it - even my little 4-year-old wore it to bed as her PJ top since it was too big to wear all day. The paint holds up well through washing. The snowman is fun for this time of year, but you really can paint whatever you want. Have fun and find things to do with your kids while you have them home these next few days! They'll be back in school before we know it and then it will just go back to life-as-usual.

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