Monday, June 9, 2014

Growing Green Onions

Three days ago, these were only the little white stubs I had left after chopping the "green" parts to use in my meal. My kids and I were all amazed at just how quickly new green tops grew!

This is definitely worth doing if only for the science experiment WOW factor. Those of you who enjoy green onions, can extend the life of the bunch you purchased or grew in your garden. Be sure to pick a bunch that has good roots. Chop off and use all the green you would like, then place the remaining white parts with the roots into a small container of water. I used a little measuring cup since I was only using 4 onions. Place the container in a window sill or some other place it will get good light, but be undisturbed. Be sure and top off the water each day to keep the roots well covered. You will see visible growth in a matter of a few hours or overnight. All of the new growth is edible and delicious!

This is especially fun to do in the winter time or early spring when it is too cold to be gardening outside.

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