Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Joys of Ultra Gel, Ultra Sperse, or Instant Clear-jel

Ultra Sperse ,Ultra Gel, Ultra Maxi-gel or Instant Clear-jel - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet right?

I want to sing the praises of this amazing product whatever it is you want to call it. This product is a modified corn starch that thickens products instantly, hot or cold. No cooking is required! Because it is made of corn, it is gluten free.

It holds up very well in the freezer and in the canning jar. Whatever recipe you make for the freezer or the canning jar will be just as thick when you pull it out to use it as when you first put it up. I have had some pie filling in the canning jar that is 5 years old and it is still amazing - clear and beautiful!

Ultra Gel is the same as Ultra Sperse, Ultra Maxi Gel, and Instant Clear-jel and these can be used interchangeably as the thickener in any recipe. You can find many recipes on-line calling for these products - especially canning recipes.

It is an instant thickener so you can very quickly get the sauce or recipe to the thickness you want. If making a smaller batch, just sprinkle a tablespoon in and mix it up. If it is not as thick as you like, add a little more. If you are making a large batch, start with 4-5 Tbsp and see if it is as thick as you like.

THE ONLY TRICK -Be sure to not put in too much at once. Because it is an instant thickener, it will immediately start to thicken when it hits liquid. You will have clumps if you are not careful. I sprinkle a little over the top of what I am making and whisk it in before adding more. Wait about 30 seconds to see how thick it is and then decide if you need to add some more.

What I use Ultra Sperse in -

Low Sugar Freezer Jam
Pie Filling
Cooked Jam
Spaghetti Sauce
Sweet and Sour Sauce

 The possibilities are endless! Whatever sauce or gravy you are making, replace the flour or cornstarch with a little of this product and you can have it just as thick as you want in an instant! I can't tell you how much I love and rely on this product in the kitchen -


  1. Thanks for this helpful information, I just bought a jar of
    Ultra Sperse 3 and was looking for ways to use it. I see this is a older post, any more new ideas using it?

    1. I just use it all the time in anything that needs to be a little thicker - soups, stews, sauces, gravies, etc. Have fun experimenting!