Sunday, August 25, 2013

Applesauce Day

Here's the view out my living room window - we had a productive day! It was a little smaller operation this year - it was just us not the entire family this time. See last year's post here.

It began with us steaming the apples in the juicer to get them soft. Doing it this way keeps the juice undiluted.

Each of the kids took their turn squishing the apples - they all still vie for turns.

I added kool-aid to some of the sauce then sweetened to taste with sugar and added some of the juice back in to make it the right consistency. 1 packet of kool-aid will flavor 6-7 quarts of sauce.

It was then into the canner for processing. We put up 34 quarts today - some regular and some strawberry flavored - all good!

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