Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fabric Gift Bags

Here's a great wintertime project - these fabric gift bags save me soooo much time during the holidays. They also save me money over the course of time. A few years ago, I was ready to come up with a new way to wrap all of the Christmas gifts we gave to each other. I wanted my young children to help with the wrapping and it was getting too complicated, taking lots of time, and more frustrating than it was fun. Then I came up with this idea and it has been wonderful!

After Christmas the holiday fabric goes on sale. I bought a few different fabrics and had the ladies at the fabric store cut them in 1/2 yard pieces for me. I took them home and sewed the sides up like a pillowcase. I just used the salvage edge as the top without even hemming it on most of the bags. (If the salvage wasn't printed all the way to the edge, I turned it under and sewed a quick hem.)

On one of the side seams, I sewed a piece of ribbon that would be used to tie the bags closed once we had placed a gift inside. They really just look like small pillow cases. There are so many cute holiday fabrics that it is easy to pick out a few that you like. They are very easy to sew together also. It would be a great beginning sewing project. Once you are done sewing them, be sure to press them well for the sharpest look.

I then bought pre-printed gift tags that are done on cardstock weight paper so they are a little heavier. Punch a hole in each tag and then they are ready to just slip onto the ribbon before you tie the bag closed. 

Over the years, I have made quite a collection. They fold very compactly for storage. I have made a few that are a little smaller and a couple larger bags, but for the most part I do the 1/2 yard size.

We slide the gift tags off when we open gifts and save them in a baggie until next year when we can reuse them. This year I helped the kids wrap gifts and we had 42 gifts wrapped and under the tree in less than half an hour! (With 7 people in the house giving to each other the # of gifts adds up quickly.) It was a huge time saver and the kids were excited that they got to help.

When you think about provident living, you have to think about being provident with your time as well as your resources. This project will help you be provident in both areas.

Everyone who has ever seen them agrees that it is a great idea - hopefully you will to.

Happy sewing!

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