Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Grain Bread

I've been playing a little with one of my favorite bread recipes. You'll find the recipe for Fabulous Homemade Bread here. Before now I had only tried adding oatmeal or ground flax seed to the dough. This last week, I tried adding a 10 grain cereal mix I found in the bulk section of our local grocery store. If you don't have a bulk section, check in the hot cereal isle. I'm sure there is something similar - it may not be 10 grains, but perhaps 7 or 9. I just added the 10 grain cereal mix in place of the oatmeal called for in the recipe.
Here is the dough after it has risen a bit. You can see all the little grains of healthy goodness.

Here it is after baking - golden brown and delicious!

My husband couldn't wait for it to cool. We sliced it piping hot which sometimes doesn't give such good results. This loaf sliced up nice even when it was steaming. Many times it just mushes into hot bread goodness which still tastes divine, but doesn't make for a great presentation photo.

Go ahead - add the grain mix or seeds you're craving in place of the oatmeal in my recipe. I think you'll agree it's a little slice of heaven!


  1. Did you get it at winco? Is it like a cream of wheat type cereal?

  2. Yes it is at Winco in their bulk section by the oatmeal and other hot cereals. Those of you who live by a Winco count yourself lucky! It is so easy to try a new grain or spice when you can purchase just a little bit in bulk and at great prices too!