Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Annual Trip to the Orchards

Every year in the late summer and early fall, I begin to yearn for a trip out to the orchards. Sometimes I truly ache for the chance to see the rolling hills and rows and rows of trees. I have made this trip nearly every year since I was 7 when my family first moved to this area. I've missed a few years when I was on my mission or on bed rest with a baby on the way - those were years I truly missed it and couldn't wait for the chance to come around the next year.

In the Boise area, we are blessed to have many orchards within a short drive. In an hour or less,we can leave the busy-ness of the city and be out in the country. 

These pictures are of my trip out to the Williamson Orchards near Marsing, Idaho. Here you can see rows of apple trees.

What a view!

Many of the orchards have little fruit stands set up for you to be able to purchase tree ripe fruit for far less than we can in Boise.

My kids have learned to look forward to these trips each year as well. My older kids were bummed that we went on a week day this year when they had to be in school.

What a great variety of squash! We didn't come for the squash this time though. We were on a mission to fill our van with peaches.

Tim and Emma enjoyed apples right away - there was no convincing them to wait!

There were stacks and stacks of crates ready for shipping to grocery stores and canneries.

My kids loved the tractor with the huge tires.

Here we are loaded down with 26 boxes of peaches - that is 13 bushels! We got them for 1/2 the price of what they were going for in town. We saved a great deal of money and enjoyed a day in the country - perfect in my book!

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