Monday, May 20, 2013

New Kitchen Reveal

Many of you have been asking to see pictures - After 8 weeks in the basement and a couple of other months working on the addition prior to being kicked out of the existing kitchen, here it is.

Before photos

After photos

A couple of favorite things

I have two large drawers specifically built to hold my flours for baking - no more opening buckets everyday.

I also love this hutch that was built in by the eating area. It adds an element of charm that I just love!

We hosted our first dinner party last night in the new space. All the large walkways and open feel really worked well which is what we were hoping for - We're still trying to figure out just where to put everything to make it efficient, but it is feeling more like  home every day. We also need to add the little things like curtains, photos, platters etc. that just fill in the finishing touches. It is always a work in progress at our house. Life has to happen every day which gets in the way of a lot of little things that really aren't as important - I have to remind myself of that so I stay focused on what really does matter.

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  1. Love your new addition. Your kitchen is HUGE! I'm jealous. It's beautiful.