Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First Garden Harvest

Emma helped me pick our first harvest last week - onions! They are volunteers and have grown so tall they are getting seed heads on top. We pulled up about 10 and left a few other smaller ones still in the garden. We really just planted the garden last week so it seems strange to be able to harvest the same day we were planting.

We washed those onions and chopped them up. Some we froze to save for salsa making day when the tomatoes and peppers are ready and some we used to make my grandmother's recipe for potato salad. 

I call it a recipe, but there really isn't a recipe. My grandmother died when I was only 9 years old, but her salad still makes it to family get togethers. My aunts shared the directions with me. Mix together cooked potatoes, chopped hard boiled eggs, chopped dill pickles, and chopped onion. Add mayonnaise and a little mustard for the dressing. Salt and pepper to taste.

Decorate the top with additional sliced eggs and a sprinkle of paprika, if desired. 

Knowing that my grandmother lived on a small family farm and always planted a garden, I'm sure she used some funky shaped onions in this salad over the years. When you grow your own food, you don't care what shape it is, you just enjoy it!

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  1. It is crazy to think you have onions already! Love the new kitchen! I bet it is so nice!