Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strawberry Season is Here!

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My kids are so excited! Strawberry season is here! My mom was able to find strawberries last week at a local fruit stand for $.98/lb. That is about the lowest price I have seen in many years. I usually buy bunches when I see it hit $1.25/lb. I called my husband at work and he stopped on his way home and brought me 3 flats. We made 3 batches of strawberry freezer jam and 4 batches of strawberry lemonade concentrate. (This is my new favorite canning recipe. I'll post the recipe when I get a free moment.) I froze a gallon of washed strawberries to use later and we ate fresh strawberries to our hearts content for the next couple of days.

Keep your eyes open the next couple of months - it really is the time of year you will find the best prices on strawberries here in the Boise area.

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