Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fruit Salad Using Plain Yogurt

For all those who have started making yogurt, here is a quick and delicious fruit salad you can make with it. (For those of you who haven't braved making your own yogurt yet, store bought plain yogurt works just as well.)

Begin with canned peaches, pineapple chunks, and mandarin oranges. You can decide how much of each you would like. 

Drain the fruit. (Freeze the fruit juice to make delicious smoothies later. You'll find the instructions here.)

Place a double layer of paper towels in a colander with a bowl below it. Fill the paper towel with plain yogurt. Allow the yogurt to drain until it is the consistency of sour cream.

Add the yogurt to your bowl of fruit. Sprinkle in a little powdered sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix. 

If it is a little runnier than you like, stir in a bit of Ultra-Sperse (or Ultra Jel) until it is how you like it.

This salad is cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. It is well liked by kids and adults.

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