Friday, June 3, 2011

French Bread Pan

One year for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a gift that I didn't even know existed! It's a French Bread Pan. You can get them in single or double loaf versions. I love it! It gets used often around here.
Shape your loaves and place them on the pan. The holes on the bottom help to give it a crispy crust and the shape of the pan allows the bread to rise up instead of out and rather flat like it does on a baking sheet. (I had used a baking sheet for years so if that is all you have, the bread still tastes great! The appearance just isn't as authentic.)

We gobbled up one loaf so quickly that I only got a picture of one of the finished loaves. For you bread bakers out there, now you have something to put on your Birthday or Christmas wish list - or maybe you'll have to grab one "just because."

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