Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kids Craft: Fall Leaf Watercolor

Emma and I spent a fun afternoon using watercolors. We each painted one of these. The cool and warm colors are a good contrast and they just look stunning on the wall.

Begin by tracing around a leaf template repeatedly 5 or 6 times using pencil. Have a few of the leaves appear to be overlapping other leaves. Go over the traced lines with a sharpie marker (If your child can control a pencil well enough to write their name, they can do this part on their own.) Add the veins inside each leaf with the sharpie. At this point, you are ready to paint.

Use red and yellow for the leaves, showing your kids how you can blend the two colors together in some areas of the leaves to get orange. If the paint looks too intense, encourage your kids to just dip their brush in water and spread it thinner to blend it better on the paper.

Once the leaves are completed, then use blue and red to paint the background. Blend the two colors to give you purple. This is where we used a lot of water on our brushes. Put a little paint on the paper and then blend it with water to fill in the space. Allow everything to dry and then mount on black paper for a finished look.

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